The Great Stupa of Sanchi

Rising from the earth’s womb on the hill of Sanchi, in Madhya Pradesh, India, is a breathtaking monument that testifies to the power of a world religion and the devotion of an emperor. The so-called Great Stupa of Sanchi is only one of several memorial structures in the area, but it is certainly the most venerable and awe-inspiring.

Join us on a tour through the splendours of this World Heritage site. I have also written an article on the Great Stupa on the main website:

Raymond Lam, BDI editor


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  1. Anonymous says:
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    In Sanskrit “yatnena ceṣṭa” (yatna means diligently, purposefully, etc.,
    and ceṣṭa is imperative for move, exert, strive, make effort.). Thus comes
    “strive on with diligence”

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