Q.  What is AllAboutDharma.com all about?

A.   We are a FREE video-sharing portal created specifically to spread Buddha's sacred teachings.  From time to time, we'll update the portal with videos and if you know of any quality videos that should be viewed by everyone, do drop us a note using our Contact Form


Q.  What is the account membership about? Is it free for life?

A.   Creating an account allows you to save your favorite videos and you could enjoy them with ease.  And yes the account is free for life! We will not charge membership fees at any stage. We are only too happy and honoured to partake in this sacred effort.  


Q.  I notice an external link for Q&A, what's this about?

A.   It's another way for you to explore Dharma where you could pose any Buddhism-related questions to our community and let another 'Buddhism-guru' shed light on your question.  And hey, if you are a guru yourself, please jump in to light up the way and help spread Buddha's wondrous teachings.


Q.  I want to help spread Dharma too! How to go about it?

A.   That's fabulous! We welcome everyone who shares our passion and beliefs. Simply share our site with your friends and everyone you know including that cashier who dishes you your daily cuppa!


If the above FAQs do not answer your question in particular, please feel free to contact us and we will revert as soon as we can.