• Establishing the Mind
    Establishing the Mind

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    Realizing that this body is fragile as a pot and establishing his mind as firm as a fortified city, he should attack Mara with the weapon of wisdom. ~ Dhammapada...

  • A busy and purposeful life
    A busy and purposeful life

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    "So a person should train right here & now. Whatever you know as out-of-tune in the world, don't, for its sake, act out-of-tune, for that life,...

  • Heart Sutra
    Heart Sutra

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    The Heart Sutra is the shortest sutra in the Perfection of Wisdom (Prajnaparamita) scriptures category. Although it may be short, it contains the essence of Dharma as it teaches about...

  • The Highest Love
    The Highest Love

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    Love, embracing all beings, be they noble-minded or low-minded, good or evil. The noble and the good are embraced because love is flowing to...

  • Dhammapada - The Wise
    Dhammapada – The Wise

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    For one who clings, motion exists; but for one who clings not, there is no motion. Where no motion is, there is stillness. Where stillness is, there is no...

  • Diamond Sutra - No Buddha
    Diamond Sutra – No Buddha

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    "To find a Buddha, you have to see your nature. Whoever sees his nature is a Buddha. If you don’t see your nature, invoking Buddhas, reciting sutras,...

  • Ani Choying Dolma - Singing Nun of Nepal
    Ani Choying Dolma – Singing Nun of Nepal

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    In her interview with BBC, she was asked "What is Dharma?" and she replied "According to my understanding, Dharma is to do whatever you do, very...

  • Ten Meritorious Deeds
    Ten Meritorious Deeds

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    The heedful will lead a righteous life as "the righteous live happily both in this world and the next". Additionally, committing wholesome acts will...

  • Dalai Lama - 1 of 18 Rules for Living
    Dalai Lama – 1 of 18 Rules for Living

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    There are possibly many ways to translate His Holiness' advice and it could take on many meanings to different people at different ages dealing with different issues. The following are...

  • Appease Hatred
    Appease Hatred

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    Many a times, we could be angry with someone over something. The very moment the anger arise, we should suppress it and not allow it to brew in our...