About Us

“The gift of Dharma excels all gifts.

The taste of Dharma excels all tastes.

The delight in Dharma excels all delights.”

– Dhammapada 354


We believe to unreservedly share the greatest gift on Earth with all sentient beings who are fortunate to receive Dharma by the World-Honoured One. Hence, we created this site to share insightful videos and Dharma with Buddhists worldwide. We hope this little effort will help to spread Buddhism in a small way.  

Our knowledge is very limited and we hope to have your guidance if we have an erroneous posting.  If our postings is an infringement on your rights, please let us know and we shall remove it instantly.

May the merits gained from this site be transferred to all mother sentient beings of the six realms.



Homage to the Buddhas & Bodhisattvas